Monday, December 3, 2012

Managing Monday: Nursery Time

Just in case you blog junkies were wondering and have been left too long with bated breath for my next entry...There is no way that I can keep myself up to the pace I proposed-- obviously. Instead, I'm going to stick with the "daily scheme" which provides me with inspiration and then I can post in freedom without feeling the need to explain my MIA.  Sometimes I get busy, ok?! :)

So, how to put a nursery together when one has never had a baby?... google search: nursery organization; read Mom blogs, solicit advice from trusted friends, and experiment with the space...oh, and PINTEREST! Other people's experience and a master ability to google search is all the expertise I have so far.

I have been sick since Wednesday with a bronchitis/laryngitis/cold sort of DEVIL. Each day has been a new adventure in this process of sickness. I have a little honky voice now, which is an improvement from none yesterday... but I will continue to whisper because Sweet Hubby (the chorus teacher) does not want me to do permanent damage to my voice, in this case, I will listen. :)

As my sickness has kept me in the house *most* of the time (a girl has to make exceptions), I am beginning to get stir crazy. As you may know, I was bit with the nesting bug a few weeks ago, and as I sit at 27 weeks pregnant starring down the week toward a third trimester (Baby Girl is due March 2)... combined with a preacher sense that December is over in a snap (busy season)... plus stir crazy madness... I have been nursery planning! Want to see? I hope so...

 For some reason, I decided early on that I wanted to use elephants. They are my favorite animal at the zoo, and they seem to be everywhere I look in baby world. Elephants it is. First things first: Baby Girl's nursery is in our guest room, we are renters, so the colors we have to work with are: khaki walls, baby blue carpet, and white trim. As much as I envisioned green and purple with gray elephants, its not going to happen on that color scheme, so I found this:

With that start, we have been trying to figure out how to organize the room.

 Sweet Hubby has bedroom furniture from when he was a child and when his Father was a child, so we are planning to use it. It is a honey-maple finish. We found a honey-maple finish crib thanks to Craig's List. Two nights ago I initiated a re-arranging of the furniture, and because I am sick with an upper-respiratory funk and pregnant (lungs are squished), turns out I was not very much help. I supervised, Sweet Hubby moved things. He's a good sport like that, seriously, I am a blessed woman.

Now the room is "set up" with the furniture pieces in the correct places to begin the work of organizing!

 We are planning to use the dresser as a changing table (with pad on top), and the drawers will be filled with baby girl's clothing and other items (top drawers reserved for diapers, wipes, onesies... at least that's what my research tells me). The closet- disaster. No idea what to do there. I am collecting lots of little "bins" to store clothes/diapers/blankets/etc.

Unfortunately, being sick means that after short bursts of energy, I must take a nap. So, that's next on the agenda.

 This is so exciting and so overwhelming!!