Thursday, November 13, 2014

Allie's Turn: "The Dress"

If you read my very irregularly (and rarely) updated blog, you may remember the day that Grace wore "the dress."

This little green dress has been passed down and worn by most of the daughters and grand daughters and great grand daughters on my Mother's side of the family.  Part of the tradition is to add something to make it unique.  My Mom said that when I wore "the dress," she wove ribbons of bright colors through the holes.  When Grace wore it, I strung a pink ribbon in those same well worn loops.

Today was Allie's day to wear "the dress."  Such a special day to pass this tradition on to another wonderful daughter.  She's 6 months old.

In order to make it suit our Allie, I carefully pulled my Great Grandmother's pearls through the loops.  On her wrist is a small string of pearls, a gift from my parents.  On her head is the lace bow that she wore on the day of her baptism, and in the center of the flower is one pearl.   Pearls seemed like an elegant theme for our smiley girl.  From the moment I dressed her, it was as if she knew she was wearing something special.
As with most parents to be, we take the process of naming very seriously.  When we found out we were expecting a daughter, Allison became the front runner on our list of names. Suzanne came quickly as well and once we put them together, it felt and sounded...right. Allison Suzanne is named "Allison" for Sweet Hubby's best friend, Robert, whose middle name is Allison.  "Suzanne" is for my second sister (my first and oldest friend), whose middle name is Suzanne.  The Sue in Suzanne also covers several women from my family: Mamaw, Mom, and Great Aunt. We even call her "Allie Sue" from time to time in the spirit of these great women. Her name may honor many, but it is all her own. This girl is happy to be in the world, and our world is made much better because she is in it.  We love our girl so much!