Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grace: 6 months

To my darling 6 month old...some things I want to remember.

You would rather play with your feet than hold your bottle, even though we know (and you know) that you are capable of holding your bottle.  I love this because it means you want to spend that time with someone who loves you.

You insist on sitting up all on your own in the bathtub.  We make sure you are just the flash of a hand away from help if needed, but you want to do it yourself.

You love the water.  Cold water, or warm water... no worries, bring it on!  When we went to the beach, you sat in the surf under an umbrella admiring the water and the sand as it swept around you.  We went to the Little Pigeon River over Labor Day and your Dad and I  squirmed as we walked in the cold mountain water, but you couldn't wait to submerge as much of your body as we would let you. And then you splashed with joy.

Your first game was with "monkey" when Jess came to visit and she played "kisses" with you.  It always made you smile, and even lunge in for your own kisses.  You still love playing this game.

You are always trying to make us laugh, and if we do, you will do whatever you were doing over and over again to get a giggle.  We return the favor because your laugh is the best sound in the world.

You peed on Poppy!  Poppy doesn't change diapers, but you made sure to include him in the fun anyway.  Love it.

When you are not ready to wake up and something is disturbing your sleep, you shake your head back and forth (eyes clothes) over and over again.  When you are ready to sleep, you turn on your side, lips pursed shut and those long eyelashes light on your sweet cheeks.

You love to smile.  You smile all of the time, and when you do you draw your nose up so that it has little creases in it.  You smile at strangers and get joy out of their response.  It is delightful.

You are the headband queen.  Thanks to Mimi, you have quite the collection and already the reputation to go with it.  We roll with it.

You are excited about Preschool when we walk into your classroom in the morning, and my day is made at 2:00 when I pick you up.  I walk into the room, usually you are busy picking things up and putting them in your mouth, and when I call your name, you jump and wave your hands and snort with excitement, smiling with your whole face, scrunching that little nose up.  Seriously, girl, it melts this Momma's heart every time.

We love you and cherish your little life, more than words can adequately convey.

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