Monday, January 9, 2012

Managing Monday: I heart books!

From the moment I learned the names of letters and how to string their sounds together to make words, I fell in love with reading. I vividly remember that the first book I read from cover to cover was "Max the Cat." It was one of those super thin, simple plot, floppy books with the big font and the repetitive phrases. Anyone else remember your first book?

Learning to read gave me a key to the whole world. Through the mind's eye one can be in Paris climbing the Eiffel Tower and behind the next cover you find yourself with Harry Potter in the Chamber of Secrets. I love that books stretch your imagination with knowledge, emotion, experience, dreams, questions, and best of all--understanding.

Need to escape from your life? "Take a look, its in a book!" You guessed it, I was glued to the TV during Reading Rainbow, and if you click on the previous link be prepared to take a trip down memory lane, fellow bookworms! My childhood aspiration was to be one of the kids who got to recommend a book at the end of the show, and I was a ready with my selection of favorites just in case LeVar Burton gave me a call.

My love of reading has lasted throughout my life (except for the short break post-grad school, seminary = tons of reading) As a result, I am a bedbookworm junkie. Books are under my bed, beside my bed, and behind the bed. In fact, if you went in my bedroom right now, you would find the tower-like stack of books against the wall. For this week's "Managing Monday," I found a wonderful solution for all of you bedbookworms out there. I love it and I want to make it happen! Check it out:

Its an organized (yes...) trendy (even better!) way to make my "need for read" (ha) available at my bedside. The best part is that it incorporates something I love into our room decor, giving the illusion that I intended a book tower for a lovely bedroom accent. Hmmmm. What do you think?

Today I am thankful for: an energizing morning workout.

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